Cause And Effects On Hoarding

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Sometimes a collecting habit can become a hoarding disorder. Most people who hoard do not even realize how bad their house or apartment looks. Some people don’t see how bad the hoarding problem is. Also, with the mess in the house, mold that causes disease can form underneath the mess. In addition, people think that their hoarding disorder is just a habit for collecting items, but everyone around them can see the problem except the hoarder. A hoarder’s home, first of all, is with so much clutter that people could drown in the awful mess. Most hoarder’s don’t even notice how bad the mess of clutter is, like they would not see the snake if it bit them. The family members and friends get so disgusted with all the mess in the place, however, that it is as embarrassing as getting one’s pants pulled down in public. Sometimes, it gets so embarrassing that people would rather be homeless or do something crazy so that no one would see their home. If there is a fire, moreover, then the person cannot get out of the home because he would have to climb over the mountainous piles of useless items that grabs them and pulls them back. The hoarder’s home, consequently, has a higher risk than most people have for getting a formation of mold in the home. They start piling things and stacking garbage that does not move from its place, so the mold is able to grow under the clutter and could slowly devour the home. Some cases of hoarding are so bad, however, that the hoarder even keeps the garbage and, yet again, increase the risk of getting mold in the house. If it gets bad enough, the home cam become as uninhabitable as the polluted area in Ukraine. The hoarder also increases the risk of death because the mold can carry a devilishly deadly disease and the person would be blind to it. Lastly, the hoarding problem can become a disorder and will be as bad as a smoking habit. There
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