Phineas Gage: Cognitive Function Plays On The Brain

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Phineas Gage Paper This paper will discuss the role that cognitive function plays on the brain, as well as explaining how Phineas Gage’s accident support how the brain deals with cognitive function. When exploring cognitive function, one will find that it is termed as an intellectual or logical process that makes a person aware, comprehend or perceive ideas (CNBC, 2009). Cognitive function would include any and all characteristics of one’s perception- which are, sensing, reasoning, and conception, imagining and remembering (CNBC, 2009). However, there is definitely a flip side to cognitive function and it is classified as being a cognitive impairment. Cognitive impairment is when one has a difficult time in reacting to or dealing with new or novel circumstances (CNBC, 2009). When one looses their cognitive function, it affects them tremendously. For many years, scientist and researchers have recognized that every wonder of one’s mind comes from one’s brain. There are several ways to show how the brain cells maintain cognitive processes (CNBC, 2009). The cerebrum is a section of…show more content…
Further analysis into the cognitive functions and the brain was needed in order to understand what was going on. Before one understands how Gage’s accident support cognitive function, one must first have a clear understanding what cognition means (Hernandez, 2008). Cognition basically refers to brain functions that are high-leveled; also including the capability to retain information and learn. Being able to problem solve, focus, organize and to essentially be able to speak and accurately identify the environment that one is in (Hernandez, 2008). A common effect of frontal lobe damage can cause a remarkable change in one’s behavior socially. An individual’s personality can significantly alter after damage to the frontal lobes, particularly when both lobes are involved (Hernandez,

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