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Mr. Speed Alzheimer’s Case Study Erica Boozer HCS/245 January 7, 2015 Lisa Spencer Mr. Speed Alzheimer’s Case Study My name is Dr. Boozer. This is the case study of Mr. Speed and the condition of his Alzheimer disease. This memo will cover Alzheimer disease as a whole and resources of where more information about the disease can be found. This memo will also discuss any cultural issues that Mr. Speed may face having the disease and the impact Alzheimer’s has on society and its resources. Alzheimer’s is a disease that effects the central nervous system. According the, the loss of functioning brain tissue that occurs with Alzheimer disease initially causes problems with memory and learning. Personality, intellectual function and mood are greatly affected as the disease progresses. As Mr. Speed get in the later stages of the disease, it should be expected that he will lose his…show more content…
Studies and research have shown that cultural and racial differences may influence how early people with dementia are diagnosed. They also impact the type of care the patient receive and how long they live. The way families of Alzheimer's patients deal with grief when their loved one dies has also been researched and shown to have different impacts based on racial and cultural differences (, 2010). Results propose that Hispanics and Caucasians are three to five times more likely to report emotional relief when the patient they cared for dies, compared to African-Americans (, 2010). Alzheimer disease not only have an impact on Mr. Speedy and his wife but also the society as a whole. Through the International Research Grants Program, the Alzheimer’s Association made investments totaling approximately $14.8 million in more than 75 scientific investigations in 2013 (, 2015). This money was provided to perform more extensive research on the disease and eliminating Alzheimer

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