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PERSUASIVE SPEECH OUTLINE Name: Cynthia Tobar COMS 101 Section: D01 LUO Date Due: 08/02/2011 Organization: This speech uses cause-effect organization. Audience analysis: My audience consists of members people in my apartment complex who will assist me in starting an after school program. There will be 3-4 people in the audience, between the ages of 15 to 46. Since we all live in the same complex the speech topic is one they understand regarding the issue of the children in the apartment not having any after school activities to participate. This speech is given in the afternoon. Central Idea: After school program Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to give their time and/or money to start an after school program for the children in our apartment complex. Introduction: I. Attention getter: The area we reside in is called Lake Highlands. This area is considered one of North Dallas’ ‘affluent’ neighborhoods. On the Lake Highlands Area Improvement website the mission statement says “To develop and implement action plans to protect and enhance the quality of life in our community.” If we are apart of this community, why are we not protecting and enhancing the quality of life right here in our neighborhood and surrounding area? We have been excluded from this ‘affluent’ neighborhood community plan of action. We need to start taking care of our neighborhood and we can start with our children. When you look around the complex you see many children just hanging out, with nothing to do. Starting an after school program can be the first step toward enhancing the quality of life in our neighborhood. II. Establish Credibility: I see the children in my apartment complex every day after school and during the summer not utilizing their time in a productive manner. III. Thesis Statement: Starting an after school program can be the first step

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