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Hayes Page 1 Georgia Department of Corrections: Re-Entry Services and Initiatives Regina Hayes Research Paper Brenda Maddux Corrections 103 08 March 2011 Hayes Page 2 Abstract After reading over the Georgia Department of Corrections Annual Report for 2007, I decided to research a few of the Re-entry initiatives. These initiatives were put in place with the purpose of reducing recidivism. Out of the fifteen listed programs, I have chosen to take a closer look at Corporate Take 5 and Grace Village. I have found several web sites that cover each of these programs. I never knew these programs existed. Grace…show more content…
Re-entry should begin as soon as an offender enters the system. Re-entry provides the offender with opportunities to make positive changes and contribute to society. The Goals of re-entry are to give the offender the capacity to become a productive member of his/her family and community, and to refer offenders to services that are necessary for a successful transition and reentry back into the community. Furthermore, its goal is to increase the community and corrections ability to address the offenders needs and identify resources available in the community that meet those needs. Also, through collaborative partnerships, it promotes public safety by supporting the offenders’ transition back into the community. Re-entry Services include a variety of initiatives and programs. I have chosen two, out of the fifteen that were available in 2007, to research. Included in my selection are Grace Village and Corporate Take…show more content…
The PVO decided to deed the land to the city, they in turn leased it to the PVO, making them responsible for managing and maintaining the facility. This also gave them access to public funds since the city had ownership. They applied for a community development block grant, and were awarded $500,000 for materials. Furthermore, the use of the Department of Corrections labor was approved. Grace Village is now complete and can house up to 24 woman and their children. They can stay for 90 days at no cost but must agree to receive training in exchange for housing. The training includes literacy education, computer skills, grooming, nutrition, parenting, and other topics. They have rules that must be adhered to such as, no cell phones and no visitors for the first 30 days. They must be in their rooms by 9:30 p.m. and lights out at 11:30. They are responsible for cooking their own meals, laundry, keeping rooms clean and attending classes. According to The Houston Home Journal, as of January 25, 2011, “Grace Village, working with the Georgia prison system, has returned 26 women to independent living, with their self-confidence and values restored.” If that isn’t proof that this program is working, I don’t know what

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