Persuasive Essay: Harrison Bergeron

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Persuasive Essay: Harrison Bergeron What kind of world do we live in today? Interesting question. Our world and our society is not perfect, however there are precious things that are taking advantage of, for example, competition. In Harrison Burgeron's world there is no competition, everybody is equal and nobody is better than anybody else in anything. Harrison Burgeron believes in competition and in talent, beauty, gifts, inteligence, etc. That is why he stand up for what he belives in and proves a point for the public. Everybody is always competing with each other now a days. For instance, instead of going for a bachelors degree in college, many are graduating with master degrees. Our world is more and more competitive everyday, and it is a great thing. Some say that our society is atually getting "dumber." I do not believe that. If our sociaty was getting "dumber" we wouldn't have ipads, ipods, laptops, tabloids, airplanes, cars, etc. On the contrary our society is getting more and more advance each day. So, is competition good? Of course it is. When one competes with somebody else for something is brings out the best in them. You want to win a football game, what do you need to do? Practice, practice, and practice, until you and your team feel you can win the game. Even in a team there is competition for positions, favorites, and spotlight. Harrison Berguron lives in a time were everybody is equal. Nobody is better than anybody else in anything, nobody is better looking, or more talented than anybody else. And if anyone was born with a a special gift or developed a skill, it had to be forgotten and prohibited. Supposably, this is the actual meaning of equality. However, are the poeple in Harrison Burgeron's world really equal? Yes they are, but they are equal to an extent, where they begin to lose their freedom. Many poeple in today's world actually

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