Personality Outline

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Personality 3/18/08 Chapter 14  A person’s characteristic patterns of _behaving_______ _thinking__________ and _feeling______________  Attempts to explain __consistencies___________________- in an individual’s behavior across _time_________ & __situations_______________; basis to compare & contrast people  “Who you are is what you do.” Enduring patterns of perceiving, relating to, and thinking about the environment and oneself… Major Views of Personality  Psychoanalytic view  Personality is a result of unconscious conflicts w/in a person’s mind.  Neo-Freudian view  May vary widely by theorist, disagree w/ some of the basic principles of the psychoanalytic view put forth by Freud.  Learning view  Personality is a result of learning from environmental consequences (sometimes cognitive factors are added in)  Humanistic view  Personality is a result of striving towards growth & achievement)  Trait view- Personality is determined by inborn traits. Psychoanalytic Perspective _Sigmund Freud_____________  Physician; his work with _hysteric_____________- patients formed the basis for psychoanalysis  First experimented with _Hypnosis______________- and then began having his patients __talk____________ through their problems. – Oddly they began to get better…..  Called this new type of therapy _talking therapy ____________ or the __talking cure________________  Psychoanalysis: Freud’s theory, & his therapy for treating psychological disorders that involves procedures such as ___dream__________ analysis, hypnosis, & ___free association ___________________  Psychoanalytic theory is criticized for not being testable using scientific methods Freud’s Levels of Consciousness  __Conscious________________ –
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