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Personal Spiritual Journey Story My spiritual life has been up and down for the past few years, I grew up in an Adventist and non- Adventist home meaning my mother was an Adventist and my father a non-Adventist it’s difficult for me to give up the things of the world because I love them but I also love God so much that I can never leave the faith I have accepted the truth but I have not conformed to it, the devil is always on my back testing me with my weaknesses, but God has always been there to pick me right back up. It have had times in my life where I have said that I don’t what anything to do with church but my family also remains me of how wonderful God has been to me. ------------------------------------------------- Some people say that when you being your spiritual journey, that it will be a bed of roses. Because you have given your life to God, but that is not true because it’s now time for the devil to give you heartache and it’s feels like you have no hope, the devil uses people in the church to do his dirty work. Because I have been tested so many times with my spirituality from rite within the church, but don’t get me wrong the Lord has his people also and they shower…show more content…
I was one of the most popular kids, the one everyone wanted to be, but my mom was very strict I was not able to go wherever my friends went and guys were not allowed to come over to my home. I was resentful towards my mother at times, but I have now realize that it was for my own good, because most of my friends have children and they are still very young, the guys are smoking and drinking and on some serious drugs. But through all that God had a plan for me, and I am most thankful to him for using my mother as a tool to guide me on the correct

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