Personal Narrative: The Day I Stole A Candy Bar

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enAngela Don ENC 1101 Prewrite Narrative 9-11-12 “The Day I Stole a Candy Bar” As a young and curious child, parents have always told their little wreck ball never to wander around the grocery store, to always stick by them like chewing gum, and if need to be, always graspingly holding their hand. There is never a guarantee that the child will ever comply with this rule willingly. It requires a set form of disobedience or a life changing experience to set a child. This is the perfect example of the day I stole a candy bar at Publix Supermarket. Spring break was very hectic. My mother wanted to shop for some beach supplies, but unfortunately, all of my babysitters were not available and my father was out of town, so my mother had…show more content…
By this time, I had found my way to the candy section, but in actuality, I had found heaven. My mind forgot about my mother and my surroundings. Now, think about it, even a four and a half year old has some weight to them, and I was no different from the others. The giant size Hershey’s bar was on the top of the candy isle, which seemed like the top of Mount Everest to me. Way up high, the foil was sparkling and the brown wrapper was so sleek, I couldn’t resist and it was a must-have. So in my determination to get the candy bar, I stacked several inner tubes on top of one another and cases of Publix brand water. Everything seemed fine until I reached the top… My four and a half year old weight had kicked in and was too much for my heap of stuff. When the inner tubes popped my hand knocked over the entire second and third shelf. Everything fell on top of me and all this commotion echoed throughout the entire store. A few moments later, my mother, the store manager, and several other concerned nosy customers came over to see what had…show more content…
Later at the checkout isle, Mother noticed that I was holding a huge Hersey’s candy bar bigger than my head. I had grabbed it in my fall from the plummet of Mount Everest. At that moment, the Publix manager walk up behind the cashier and informed us that she would let me have it for free, which in the end, made me feel like I had been handed a million dollars. To prevent this incident from ever happening again, Mother bought a dog leash from the animal isle. From that moment on, before I ever set foot into a store, Mother would loop the dog leash around my waist and hold the other end. And of course, when walking in a store, it was natural for the other patrons in the store to question her and accuse Mother of barbaric parenting. She always seemed to answer with the same explanation: “Im just saving my wreck ball from any

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