In Defense to Spanking

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In Defense of Spanking Say you’re in a store filled with people and it’s you and your four year old daughter. Your daughter decides she wants a giant candy bar. It’s right before dinner so you tell her no she cannot have a candy bar. The daughter upset that she can’t have the candy, starts screaming and crying right in the middle of the store. You could easily walk out of the store put her in the car and go home, but you have to purchase your basket full of groceries for tonight’s dinner. As a parent if you are faced with problems like these how do you handle them? How do you properly discipline your child? Are time outs, grounding, and privilege removal, enough corrective methods of discipline? How about taking the palm of your hand and giving a quick smack to the child’s bottom, to eliminate the child’s misbehavior in the middle of the store? Some of you may be thinking, no way could I ever raise a hand to my child, and that it would be considered abusive. Spanking is effective way to stop misbehavior and if used correctly it is not considered abuse. I’m here to defend the use of spanking as a correctional method of punishment, by arguing the myths about spanking, correct ways to spank so it is not abuse, and why spanking can be one of the most helpful ways of punishment. The majority of Americans will say that spanking is abusive, that it teaches children to be aggressive, and that there is no instructional value. These are all myths. Abusive parents do not use spankings for correctional purposes; they lash out and take their anger out on their children. Second, abusive parents don’t just spank they hit or beat their children. But for non abusive parents, spanking is done out of love and care to correct a child’s behavior. How could “experts” say, a simple smack on the bottom could make a child aggressive? This is absurd, I have never heard of a
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