Out-Line For The Bluest Eye Essay

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Intro: In the novel, The Bluest Eye, Toni Morrison illustrates lack of self- confidence, lack of self- protection and lack of mother’s love through her character Pecola Breedlove. I Thesis: Pecola Breedlove lacked self-protection, lacked self- confidence, and lacked mother’s love. II. To start with, Pecola Breedlove lacked what every human being, about her age, grows to understand as self-protection. A) It first started in the playground, as bay boy, Woodrow, Buddy Wilson and Juni Bug took grave enjoyment in chanting, “Black e mo. Yadaddsleepsnekked.” 1) Toni Morrison stated, “ Pecola edged around the circle crying. She had dropped he notebook, and covered her eyes with her hands.” B) Then, not too long after that incident, she had a ruff encounter with the “oh so cute” Maureen. Right after leaving the playground, Maureen walked with Pecola and her two friends to the ice cream shop. There Maureen bought Pecola some ice cream to make her open up to the conversation that she had in store. 2) Maureen started talking about naked men, while truly implying about Pecola’s father. Pecola later replied, “I never saw my daddy naked. Never.” Then, as though she was trying to hide, “ Pecola tucked her head in- a funny, sad, helpless movement...as though she wanted to cover her ears.” C) Just when you thought it could not get any worse, Pecola manage to walk into the world of Little Junior. Junior never really knew what it was like to have friends of his race. His mother, Geraldine, “Did not want him playing with niggers.” Yet, as Toni Morrison stated, “ Junior used to long to play with the black boys.” Besides longing to be with black boys, Junior as quoted “... Enjoyed bulling girls.”

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