Personal Narrative: My Journey To Milwaukee

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Dave Dockett Into to Literature 4/4/13 Witnessing The Milwaukee Bucks play the Los Angeles Lakers Thirty seconds in Dwight Howard gets the post catch with the Buck’s defender on his back, my eyes get as wide as the red sea as I see him drop step and flush the dunk right in the defender’s face! These were the most athletic physical specimens on the planet, and they were running up and down on the court right before my eyes. It was almost breathtaking to watch players I see over and over again on television go out and do their jobs. My sister is now a freshman in high school in my hometown of Rockford, Illinois and the school she goes to has a really excellent choir program, so excellent, that they were invited to sing the National anthem at the Milwaukee Bucks vs. Los Angeles Lakers game on March 28th in Milwaukee. Discounted tickets were sold to all of the choir member’s family. That Thursday morning I drove home from school to only be greeted by my mom, sisters, and grandparents who all seemed to be in a frenzy due to the fact I was running a little late. I then rushed to get ready as the whole gang impatiently waited for me. In departing, I traveled with my grandparents while my mother and sisters traveled separately. The journey to Milwaukee is only…show more content…
Overcome with awe and envy I closely watched the greats from both teams warm-ups and do things with the ball that are extremely difficult; they made it look so easy and effortless. Time dwindled and game time was near. My sister and her school choir came out on the stage and began to sing the national anthem. For all my parents and I knew this is what they were really excited for. Yes I admit that it was a pleasure and I was very proud to watch my sister go out there and perform, but as bitter as it sounds, the only thoughts going on in my mind were all amazing plays I was going to the
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