Personal Narrative: Moving To San Jose

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Every time I tell someone where I’m from, this is their response: “Oh my gosh, how did you live there all those years?” or “Don’t people get shot or kidnapped at every other corner?” I just turn and walk away. I hardly ever argue and say that “it’s not as bad as people say it is.” I lived in Tijuana, Baja California for the first twelve years of my life before moving to San Jose. I still own my house in Mexico. It’s not a pretty house and it’s not by the pretty side of the city either, but there I lived happily and peacefully and hung out on the street with my neighbors. The point is that it really is not as bad as they say. While I lived there I had a pretty good life. Though my parents divorced when I was 5, they owned the house so we never had to worry about paying rent or moving. I attended a…show more content…
S. My mom is now a dishwasher at El Pollo Loco and sometimes even a taxi driver, since our car broke. My sister is stuck in our local community college changing her major every semester. And me, I have become more independent than ever. I support myself with my minimum wage part-time job at McDonalds. All of us share a room whose rent is paid by my mom and my sister only, while my check helps bring the bread to our room. We move just about every other month due to huge differences in lifestyles between my family and the people we rent with. Where we move to is not a big deal for me because I am hardly ever home to avoid problems with whomever we live with. Between school, basketball practice, cheer, sports medicine, and my job, I keep myself busy so I only arrive at our room to get some rest at night. These are difficult times and I am aware that there are many more to come. Living in all these different situations has pushed me to seek improvement in life. For this reason, I want to study medicine in the United States and have a high positioned, well-paid job once I get a degree at an American
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