Personal Narrative: Growing Up In The Forest Housing Projects

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Growing up in the Forest Housing Projects While being a drug dealer is not for everyone, I was introduced to the game at a very young age. Growing up in a single family home with no father figure really in my life, the streets basically raised me. In the mid 80’s you had different types of kids in those days. We had ones that was all about school getting good grades (this would be the category I felled in), or you had the sports players which I did as well and then you had your hustlers making the fast money. Utterly the choices I made would have consequential results. Growing up in the Forest Housing Projects in the Bronx, NY was an exciting time. The year was 1983 when I left St. Augustine catholic school and went to regular public school. The students here were different from what I was used to. Even though I lived in these projects as far back as I can remember, I really never hung out with them until I went to P.S 146. At the time Charles and I was the new students to the school. His family moved down here to the Bronx from Rochester, NY and we became close friends but as time went on the friend circle has grown. By the time the summer came around we had our own little clique that ran…show more content…
So the next day I reported to my P.O and I was told I couldn’t do the things I did before or hang around people who are involved in any type of criminal activities. At first it was hard cause that’s all I knew I tried to go back to school but cause I was going to school while I was incarcerated I was transferred out, so I had to go to another school in Manhattan. My mother urge me to go that morning after we left my old school but I told her we can go another day since it was Friday but it never happen and eventually I would go back to my old ways. I stop seeing my P.O after about four months in I felt it was a waste of

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