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The Rupert’s Land Indian Industrial School was made in 1889 and it than opened in 1890. People started coming to the school in January of 1890. The school was located in St. Paul, Middlechurch, Manitoba. It is north of Winnipeg. The school was later known as St Paul’s Industrial School when the government took over. At the beginning of the year, the students learned how to trade. Later on, they learned how to print. The students at the school also got taught how to do work around the house. They learned how to do laundry, sewing, cooking and housekeeping. At the school, there were about the same amount of boys as there were girls. Until they had reached a certain age, the students had to attend the classrooms. They were given work that they either seemed capable of doing or work that they wished to do.…show more content…
There were a wide variety of children attending the school. Many kids came from far and near the school. Since there were so many students attending the school, they had too add on to the original building or build a brand new building. A few years later in 1906, the building had been burned down. They didn’t end up rebuilding the school. This old school actually sent out many students that went on to a successful life. The St. Paul’s Industrial school was one of the few Residential Schools that actually benefited the children instead of harming them. After the school had burned down, many Indian boys had planted trees around the area of the building. The author of the site I got information on, actually planted some trees around the area of the building too. Her name was Canon Anderson. As you can see not all of the Residential Schools harmed the kids attending it, some of the schools actually benefited the Native

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