Personal Narrative: Fixed Mindsets

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Fixed/Growth Mindsets A situation where I have had a continued fixed mindset is my relationship with my father. I always thought that if I tried harder, was better, walked more the path he chose for me rather than my own that one day he would accept me and love me unconditionally. That he would try to forge some type of a relationship with me. My mother left when I was a teenager. I could have gone with her, but my father had all the power and money. He convinced me my place was with him and my mother was an emotional wreck and would ruin me mentally. Despite his infedelities towards her and my family I chose to stay with him through many strong armed persuasions. I strived on his absent approval and I felt my mother had forced him…show more content…
I could never imagine not being supportive of him and can never imagine not nurturing his mind. I know all too well the role I play in his development and how he views himself, how eventually the world will view him. I will never hamper his development by letting him feel as if he is not good enough for his own mother's approval because I fear he will seek that before all else. I fear he will be like myself and waste away years trying to be someone he isn't for an approval that does not matter when it isn't given. A childs largest support system stems from their imediate environment and their family. His first views of himself will be how I view him and I will never let him think he is not good enough. In my eyes he was born good enough and will only become better. As much as he is punished when he has done wrong, he will more so be praised for when he does right. I know the more focus I place on his assets rather than liabilities the more they will nurture and grow. There is no limit to knowledge, you can always learn. All you can change is what you care to learn about. Id rather his actions reflect kindsness and compassion, understanding, strength not weakness. I want him to be confident in himself and his actions. The Law of Attraction and manifestation are very real to me. I believe what is put in a childs mind is what will develope. Where the interests lay is where there will be…show more content…
My doubt I had in myself hampered me from feeling as though I was incapable of changing my situations. I want his belief in self to be his perserverence. Only I held myself back, through having a fixed mindset for all those years because my father did not believe in me. I wish to be the reason my son never holds back, that he will always push on and up because his mother always believed in him and told him he could and how he can not what he can't and how he will fail. I chose not to have fixed mindsets anymore. I chose to believe there is always more to a story, more to know. To never cut off information and the ability to learn. When you think you have learned everything I believe that is when you truely begin to die. Just as a body in motion stays in motion, there is a need to exercise your brain and your abilities. You never know truely what you are capable of until you have been pushed to what u assumed was your limit. Once you go past your limit do you realize there are no limitations, no cielings, no ends to mind development. I will never allow my son to feel he is less then anything. He will always be aware that sitations can always change and change is the only constant. Sometimes you just have to change the view point or

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