How To Write A Commemorative Speech

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Hello my name is Nick M. Ray. I have been to different places and seen many things. However none of them are what I shall tell you tonight . My journy begain on June 15, 1990. The day my dear mother brought me into this world. Since day one. Its always just been my mother and I. As my father was always to busy spending his time on the streets. Doing many illegal things. Never stopping to think about how his actions would come to effect others. Running around as if he ruled the world. Always thinking luck was on his side. Sadly his luck would come to an end on my birthday. Landing himself in jail for the first time. When I was only at the age of four years old. My mother came to face alot of ridicule from other mothers. While…show more content…
I thought that things would turn out better with dad being back, but each time things only got worse. From yelling to cursing at each other. Making me want to cover my ears until it was over. Only to repeat it all over the next day. As time begain to pass. I started to hate my father. Even the mention of his name only angered me. Hated that he would always do something then act like nothing had happen. Never even acting his age or taking repsonabilty for what he did. My mother has tired many times to make me forgive my father. To try to understand him. Telling me that he isnt such a bad man. That he just needs to get his life together. Only to make me roll my eyes. During my year as a fourth grader. My mother decided fully end it with my father. Tired of him being in and out of jail. Thinking that we should begin a new start in the states. Making me have to say good bye to all my freinds. Till this day. I have yet to forgive my father for all he's done. My mother decided that taking me to a counseling psychologist would help me. At first I was agaisnt the idea of going to one, but I have to agree that it has helped me to move on. Even though talking about it has helped alot. As I still have a long way to go on this

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