Unified Land Operation Essay

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A unified land operation is about the going in to a forgion country and setting up to all different thing we may see. ADP 3-0 talks about the different treats, environments and friendly forces. How we will enter and set up and adjust to the environment. ADP 3-0 talks about how we will defect the enemy and the way the US ARMY will do it. We start off with lethal and nonlethal attacks. With that being said the nonlethal attacks would be for their resource, weapon chasee and land marks that could impede their movements. Lethal attacks would destroy bases, artillery points, and anything that could cause harm to us on our way to our objective. We want to stop them from getting the upper hand on us. As a leader you must be flexible to changes. No matter what you train and teach doesn’t mean that you will see that. You have to be able to adapt the enemy's TTPs and make dastion on the operation eveirments to make sure you have the upper hand. The operation will always be changing it doesn’t matter if we are fighting groups or military forces. That are going to try to have better TTPs so we and to adjust our better and faster than them. We have to train in many different sanoreos to be poriered for everything. As we have…show more content…
Every element need to be on the same page. You want on the wheels turning together so we don’t have a weak spot in the force. For exemple is your moving into a different unit AO without telling them it could end with friendly fire. I was on a mission with non tactail vicheal and we had troops on foot walking though the parks. A convo came in to our AO with their jammers on, so we lost comms with our guy walking. And that same mission we were coming out of a restrute and couldn’t start our suvs because the convo with the jammers were coming back though. The jammers were blocking the key fob so the push to start wouldn’t work. If we would have been in sync with that unit all of that could have been
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