How To Write A Family Genogram Paper

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Anderson Family Genogram Godfrey Anderson July 12, 2012 Point University Dennis House Anderson Family History This has been an exciting week. I had to do some research on my family in an effort to prepare a family genogram. I must admit that I was a little reluctant to begin the research because I knew that I wouldn’t have the time to really devote to this project, but I realized its importance and decided to forge ahead. I am excited to say that I am glad that I did as I’ve learned some exciting and important facts about my family. My research began with a simple tree. I plugged my mom in as the head of the household and decided to work backwards. I listed myself and my siblings next and included any nieces and nephews. I would…show more content…
Although he didn’t allow me to sit in his lap, I could go and talk to him about anything. He used to always tell me that he wanted more for me than what my father was capable of giving and that he didn’t want to see me grow up and take after my father. He encouraged me to study hard and make something out of my life. He used to say that he didn’t want any of his grandchildren living the hard life and that we were all destined for greatness. I then began to research my older sister and brother’s father’s family and found that their dad came from a long line of ministers and that they migrated to Mississippi from Illinois and settled on land that used to be owned by the Natchez Indians. My sister’s great grandmother’s mother was full blooded Indian. I am excited about continuing this project and I continue to be excited about the information that I will gather and can share with my family. I have spoken a lot of my relatives and I’ve awaken in them the desire to learn about our family. Everyone is excited about learning about their lineage and would like for me to send out copies of the information I’ve found in an effort to build the momentum. The possibilities are

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