Personal and Professional Healthcare Communication

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Personal and Professional Healthcare Communication HCS/350 December 5, 2011 Kate Brewer Personal and Professional Healthcare Communication Effective communication is the core of professional nursing. focuses on achieving workplace cultural competence by directing attention on the application of the Pender Health Model (PHM) to improve health education encompassing patients, families, significant others, peers, managers, student nurses, physicians, members of interdisciplinary teams, and public. Nurses communicate in the course of a mixture of media, including oral, print, demonstration, role modeling, and community appearances. Communicating is an ongoing, complicated, always changing process between two or more individuals to convey a message (Hansten & Jackson, 2009). Successful communication is vital in the health care field to guarantee efficient patient care. The exchange of ideas and approach is not only restricted to verbal communication; however nonverbal communication is frequently more significant and more momentous than audible phrases. For that reason, communication is such an intricate practice with unlimited opportunities for distributing or receiving erroneous communication. Frequently, flaw communication can result in misperceptions and misunderstandings (Northouse & Northouse, 1998). There are various key factors and focuses incorporating the characterizations of health care communication; one such focus is the relevancy of valuable personal health care communication with other professionals, consumers, and patients. Also the relevancy of effective professional health care communication related to health outcomes; another is focusing on the lack of effective personal and professional healthcare communication that contributes to the reduction of positive health care
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