Personal And Professional Healthcare Communication

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Personal and Professional Healthcare Communication University Of Phoenix HCS/350 Communication is an integral part of daily life and occurs everywhere, everyday. Speaking with patients, family members, at work meetings, in personal life with one’s children teachers or at home; communication is how people express their concerns and thoughts, teach information and learn information. In this paper the suggests to discuss are, the definition of health care communication, the relevancy of effective personal health care communication with other healthcare professionals, clients, and patients, the relevancy of effective professional healthcare communication to health outcomes, how the lack of effective communication contributes to poor health care outcomes, and the theories and principals of therapeutic communication in health care settings for the health care professional. According to the dictionary of health, “health care communication is a key strategy to inform the public about health concerns and to maintain important health issues on the public agenda.” The benefits of health communication include health promotion, health care policy, disease prevention, and the business of health care as well as a better quality of life and health of individuals within the community. Effective communication in the health care field is crucial for health care professionals, patients and the hospital or establishment providing the care. Each individual involved in the health care settings is representative of communication. Even if the communication is verbal or non-verbal, a great number of messages are being communicated daily in the healthcare industry. A requirement for effective communication is the ability to understand and to be understood. In most of the cases part of communication is listening and responding to the needs or desires of the person one is

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