Explain the Role of Effective Communication and Interpersonal Interaction in Health and Social Care Context

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In this task I will be exploring the different types of communication available and how vital they are in a health and social care sector. If care practitioners have demonstrate bad communication skills it will have a negative impact on the image of the health sector and also on the service users in terms of not getting the care they need or not getting the right information about the care they are about to receive. In the health and social care profession, effective communication is absolutely vital as it allows health workers to carry out their jobs effectively and also good communication creates a good relationship and a strong bond between care workers and care receivers and also it enables care workers to to effectively carry out their work responsibilities by allowing them to work peacefully and effectively with their colleagues. People who suffer fro communication impairments are at a risk of being unable to effectively communicate with their health care providers which could have a negative impact of their health in form of the type and quality of care that they receive. They are different forms of communication available for example one to one, group, formal, informal, verbal, oral and so on. Communication between care providers and care users Health care professionals can communicate with service users frequently in a variety of ways. These could could be formal or informal. If communication is not understood by the the service user it can make them feel as though their concerns are not being treated properly and that they are not receiving the quality of treatment they would like. Therefore it is absolutely essential that the the communication between care providers and receivers is of good quality. Four main interactions within a care setting verbal Interaction “The basis of communication is the interaction between. Verbal communication
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