The Moral and Ethical Values of the Complex Health Care

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The Moral and Ethical Values of the Complex Health Care System Kirk Collins Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals (HCA 322) Professor Joyce Williams October 31, 2011 The Moral and Ethical Values of the Complex Health Care System Each day we as citizens of the United State and more so of the world, become progressively aggressive within the systems we have created. These systems include our political, legislative bodies and community attitudes along with the values and moral issue in our ever changing health system. Many citizens (mostly the aged) often ask the question “What happen to the good ole days when things were simpler and not so aggressive?” Well, sad to say those days are behind us, but the good news is we have advanced with our technology, science and the ability to save lives through medical care. Within these and other types of systems, the health care industry has been, and still is the most complex of them all. The many facets involving the health care system is a small percentage of its complexities. Attitudes about the development of life saving medicine are among the greater attributes to compliment this advanced and complex system. There are many ways to address this subject and its complexities, with the leading contributors being that of legal and ethical issues. The focus of this paper will be directed with overview with respect to the ethical principles of human dignity with compassion, nonmalfeasance and social justice. I will address the elements of autonomy, fidelity and confidentiality while explaining the rights of individuals as they interact with health care services. Concluding with summarization of Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) information I have researched will support my overview. The moral and Ethical values of the complex healthcare system will become more intense with its
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