Performance Improvement Strategy

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MEMO: Griswold Industries Performance Improvement Strategy I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the ways in which applying organizational behavior techniques will improve the overall performance of Griswold Industries. Specific observations and experiences within my organization have given me perspectives and ideas relating to the following areas. I will highlight ways in which we can improve performance as it relates to lost time and safety violations, productivity and employee satisfaction as well as a new dynamic organizational structure given the changes recent within the organization. These will all contribute to making Griswold Industries a more successful and profitable organization through this transition. First, I would like to address our current LTIR (Lost Time Injury & Illness Rate) and the steps to improve it. A number of the issues that have lead to an increase in the lost time injury and illness within the organization can be traced back to a lack of job satisfaction, motivation, and empowerment. Organizational behavior theories show job satisfaction has a direct relation to employee absenteeism as well as increased injury in the workplace. To combat this I would like to implement an “employee leadership program” where we appoint an employee on a rotational basis to help manage our LTIR program. This program will provide the employees a number of professional development opportunities to build skills, strengthen our core values, remove barriers and enhance trust among the leadership group and our employee base. This program will appeal to the employee’s intrinsic and extrinsic motivators. As we see with Douglas McGregor’s “Theory Y” proposition, employees like work, are creative, seek responsibility, will exercise self-direction and self-control if they are committed to the objectives. Introducing an employee leadership
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