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The perception of belonging are shaped within cultural, personal, social and historical contexts. A sense of belonging can appear from connections with people, places and communities. Without these connections individuals can often find it difficult to find something or somewhere to belong to. There are numerous themes and aspects to take into consideration in relation to belonging, or not belonging. | Inclusive in these themes are security, acceptance and stability as well as exclusion, isolation and alienation. There are different concepts of belonging expressed in the use of various language and visual techniques. This can be further explored through Peter skrynecki’s poems “10 Mary street”, “St Patricks college” and my chosen movie “the pursuit of happiness. | In peters poem “st Patricks college” he reflects deeply in some of his past experiences in the college. Peter highly questions his educational and spiritual values of his school. Peter was accepted to st Patricks , yet however, it is evident that he doesn't want to be accepted. Uniforms are designed to make students fit in and identify proudly with the culture of a school yet there is no indication that Skrzynecki feels he belongs to the school. | With The poets use of the word “carry” in the line “carried the blue, black and gold” represents the burden he feels in having to wear the uniform for eight years, as well as trying and forcing himself to fit in to the schoo0l environment and failing. Through the example; ‘Like a foreign tourist uncertain of my destination every time I got off’ through the simile ‘like a foreign tourist’ the persona compares his everyday routine life to a tourist someone unaware of new surroundings. | in stanza 2 the metaphor and imagery of “our lady watched with outstretched arms” gives out the sense of comfort and acceptance which not only readers will feel but also

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