Parenting Styles Essay

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Running head: HOW PARENTING STYLES AFFECT CHILD DEVELOPMENT 1 How Parenting Styles Affect Child Development Charity Potts-Rawls Fayetteville State University HOW PARENTING STYLES AFFECT CHILD DEVELOPMENT 2 HOW PARENTING STYLES AFFECT CHILD DEVELOPMENT Parents play important roles in child development. When a child is born, interactions with parents or other individuals will more than likely shape their personality and knowledge about the world. Children are predisposition and environmentally exposed to actions and attitudes of parents, which affect their development. Parenting styles are ways in which parents raise and control their temperament, as well as the child’s. The parent’s behaviors, attitudes, and values have an impact in how they interact with their child/children. Parenting styles come from mixture of factors, such as culture and possibly education. Studies have shown that most parenting styles are generational and many parents discipline their children and react to certain situations in that same manner as their parents. Many theories have been proposed as to the development of parenting styles and children. Diana Baumrind’s and other researcher’s work and laid the foundation for the different types of parenting styles. Theorist, Diana Baumrind (1966), first researched different qualities (i.e. independence, self-control, friendliness, maturity) that parents would want their child/children to possess and then interviewed parents to discover which parents exhibited these qualities. As a result, the researchers became aware of two important qualities that were most important: responsiveness (supportiveness) and demandingness (behavioral control). Furthermore, Baumrind (1966), found three different, important types of parenting styles: authoritarian (autocratic), authoritative

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