Paper Pills Vs. Stockings Short Stories

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This paper will be on comparing and contrasting the similar and different characteristics of the short stories Paper pills by Sherwood Anderson written in 1919, and Stockings written by Tim O’Brien in 1990. Paper Pills is about a man named doctor reefy, who marries a beautiful young women and likes to write down little notes of truth and make his own little pyramids of truth, just so he is able to tear them down. Also, twisted apples play a big role in Paper pills which you will find out later in the paper. Stockings is about a soldier named Henry Dobbins in the vietnam war who wears his girlfriends pantie hoes around his neck because he believes that they will protect him. The short stories Paper Pills and Stockings share similar characteristics when it comes to how the author portrays coping with a loved one departing. Doctor Reefy of Paper Pills and Henry Dobbins from Stockings have symbolic items to remind themselves about their loved ones. In Paper Pills it is through the twisted apples and how Doctor Reefy is like a twisted apple, sweet on the inside by rough on the outside, and how thats how his wife saw him. In Stockings the stockings are symbolic to Henry Dobbins love for his ex-girlfriend while he was out at war. In both short stories the main characters are devastated by the depart of their loved ones, and have troubles coping with it. (last name) 2 The short stories Paper Pills and Stockings both have similar Characteristics, but also different characteristics to show the coping of the loss of a loved one. Paper Pills is told in a narrative Point of View, and Stockings as well. In both of these stories the author shows how the magic has not left them, in different ways of corse. In Stockings the author clearly states that Henry Dobbins still loves her even though she broke up with him, but in Paper Pills it is a little harder to notice.

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