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Carry Me Like Water by Benjamin Alire Sáenz is a rich and touching novel. I think it is an amazing story. The book is a story of interrelated stories with wonderful characters; the thoughtful and deaf Diego who lives in El Paso and is working on his suicide note as well as making friends with a cholo named Mundo who he finds stabbed in a dumpster, Mary or the Virgin Mary and wise, disrespectful Luz. There is also Jake and Joaquin who is a gay couple struggling with Joaquin’s dying of AIDS, Helen and Eddy is the rich couple in Northern California anticipating their first child and Lizzie is a nurse who one day finds out her AIDS patient was her twin brother and that he has given her his gift of being psychic and that she is really a Mexican named Maria de Lourdes. Each character is a mystery…show more content…
The story deals with AIDS, love, secrets and the ghosts of the past. I found out that Helen is really Maria Elena or Nena and she is Diego’s sister. Eddy is Nena’s husband and has his own past as a molested child to come to terms with that and a brother to find. Jake is dealing with his anger and grief from losing Joaquin. And then there is my favorite character in the book, Lizzie. Lizzie can leave her body; she is coming to terms with her new found psychic ability and finds something in herself to give. She holds Jake and Joaquin together and becomes their anchor as they battle with illness and death. The river is also a large character in this book. It is the river in El Paso that separates Mexico from Texas. Diego and Luz spend Sunday mornings on the river watching the swimmers from the other side trying to cross over into a better life. The book deals with prejudice and hate, struggling to make a life in this land, gives an amazing outlook of what people give up to come here and what they find when they

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