Ethan Frome Personal Response Essay

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Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton “What I see is him that suffers most” was my initial thought toward Ethan’s life in the end. Edith Wharton’s ending of the novel filled my heart with such sorrow and compassion to Ethan’s situation. Wharton throughout the novel made subtle actions toward Ethan and his torn feeling to stay with his wife and his attraction toward his sister in law, Mattie Silver. I sympathize with Ethan Frome to an extent to the point in which I actually think his actions throughout the novel seemed like the right thing to do but, I feel little compassion toward him for he was the one to propose to Zeena without thinking of the consequences toward either him or Zeena. First of all, Wharton’s subtle action toward Ethan’s torn feelings for Mattie and being loyal to his wife. Ethan was unfortunate to have a choice in leaving his wife to be with Mattie but, tried a futile decision to both trying to do suicide. In the novel there were events in which Ethan was indecisive over rebelling against Zeena’s decision of firing Mattie. I was very compassionate toward Ethan when he heard that Mattie was being sent away as for his reaction was as said “now his one ray of light was to be extinguished”. The moments between Ethan and Zeena showed me how miserable he truly was and made me sympathize with him for their…show more content…
Mattie and Ethan’s time together without Zeena was like an insight to what a happy marriage should be between a husband and wife. During that chapter I was brought into the difference of how Ethan’s mood drastically changes to a bitter, isolated and neutral mood with Zeena’s presence to an excited, joyous and peaceful mood of just being an evening alone with Mattie. Ethan’s thoughts to all of his feelings about everything to his confusion and heartache of being in the position he was
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