Comparison/Contrasts of Romeo and Juliet; on My First Sonne and Midterm Break

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Both of the poems are very similar to each other and to ‘Romeo & Juliet’. All three share a theme of sadness expressed through them, and they are also about deaths of close ones. For example in ‘On my first sonne’ the author is talking about the death of his son, ‘Midterm break’ talks about the death of a younger brother, whereas Romeo and Juliet is about two young people dying in love with each other and how their family regrets later on. In ‘On My First Sonne’ this poem has a father-son relationship in which the father talks about losing his son. He thinks God has taken his son, which is explained in the second line “My sin was too much hope of thee, lov’d boy.” This tells me that this poem has a religious view and can show that the poem was written in the 16th century which was a different era where many of the citizens were very religious people. This shows that the father cares about his son, and is willing to believe that God has took “Thou child of my right hand and joy,” for a punishment in which he believes for a sin he has done to God or his family. ‘Mid-term Break’ is related to ‘On My First Sonne’ as they both explain the hurt that the sudden deaths have caused in their life. Each stanza describes the reaction or state of other family members which I think creates a better effect. Doing this gives the reader a better description of the situation. ‘Romeo & Juliet relates to both the poems as it has a theme of death and the depression caused by it. Romeo and Juliet’s families despised each other therefore the two were forced to stay apart, but they met and fell in love, but had to face death soon after. Their families then reconciled soon after. This just tells me that Romeo and Juliet’s weren’t necessarily needed but unfortunately they gave their life for each other. The poems pretty much show the love of parents/siblings to the dead child. Both Romeo

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