Ego And Image Vs Truth And Beauty Analysis

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Ego and Image Vs Truth and Beauty In Ann Patchetts Truth and Beauty she chronicles her friendship with Lucy Grealy. The book is an intimate look at their relationship. It includes letters from Lucy to Ann as well as Ann's letters written to Lucy. It seems authentic and truthful but I have missed the beauty in this very raw depiction of a so called friendship. After reading the article written by Sue Ellen Grealy I can understand her frustration and anger toward Patchett for writing this expose on her sister.. In her article she admits Ann would have been a better sister to Lucy than she was and she feels guilty about this fact. After reading the book Sue Ellen felt hurt even though she did not doubt the validity of Lucy's relationship with Ann or the facts. There is no doubt If Ann Patchett truly loved Lucy why would she tarnish her…show more content…
Lucy manipulates Ann and takes her for granted from cover to cover. What is Ann's responsibility in the relationship ? Why would she take such abuse over and over again? This comes across more like a dysfunction relationship rather than a friendship. Authentic friendships are not one sided, at times one person may be in need of support more than another but there is always a sense of love, care and consideration that must be mutual. Ann comes across as saintly and forgiving, she professes deep love toward Lucy. The type of love she has for Lucy comes across as unconditional and it is not returned, yes Lucy tells Ann she loves her and needs her but it is obvious from Ann's point of view Lucy uses her. I think Ann was just as dysfunctional as Lucy, she had very low self esteem and always was comparing
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