Everyday Use Essay

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The Situation In “Fight vs. Flight: a re-evaluation of Dee in Alice Walker’s Everyday Use,” Susan Farrell provides arguments about the story “Everyday Use”. Farrell’s piece was published by Newbury College in 1998 in Studies in Short Fiction (179). Farrell’s piece is for anyone who has knowledge of the Civil Rights Movement or who has read “Everyday Use”. “Fight vs. Flight” is an essay that describes a mother’s awaking to one daughter’s superficiality and to the other daughter’s deep understanding of heritage (179). “Fight vs. Flight” goes in to great detail about the relationship that is shared between Dee, her mother, and Dee’s younger sister Maggie. Fuller explains the different views and opinions of the different characters throughout the essay, mostly focusing on Dee and her mother. According to Farrell, those who read the story would tend to agree that Dee is a shallow and manipulative young lady who is overly concerned with herself and lacks the true understanding of her heritage. According to Farrell, the story is being told by her mother and suggests that Dee may not really be the bad person that everyone claims she is (179). Farrell goes on to explain that the perceptions told by Mama are filtered through her mind and Mama’s views of her daughters are not to be accepted uncritically (179). Farrell’s approach to this piece was to try and take the reader to a different level of understanding and offer some other ways to view the heritage of both Mama and Dee. Issue In Susan Farrell’s essay, many questions are brought up about the interpretation of the story “Everyday Use”. One question Farrell brings up during the essay is, what is the true understanding and relationship between Dee and her mother? Farrell addresses this question by providing an insight that the story is only being told by the mother’s point of view. (179). This is mostly shown
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