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An Unhappy Home Never Ends Well In the play Trifles by Susan Glaspell, the character Minnie Foster is presented to us in such a way that we don not view her as a murderer. Glaspell accomplishes this by pity, Minnie’s background, and describing what her life must have been like. First, Glaspell accomplishes portraying Minnie as someone who is not a murderer by pity. Throughout the play we start to feel sorry for Minnie. When Mr. Hale talks about how Minnie acted when he discovered her husband, is when we begin to feel pity for her. She shows no emotion, which we can guess means that she was not very happy with her husband. The women also pity Minnie because of how the men just barge into her home and criticize how untidy things are. The County Attorney expresses his opinion “No -- it’s not cheerful. I shouldn’t say she had the homemaking instinct” (Page 901). This shows how the County Attorney feels about women. Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters can relate and they know how it would feel if they were placed in a situation such as this one. We really start to pity Minnie more when the ladies discuss her. Mrs. Hale talks about how Minnie was not living in a happy home. She talks about how John Wright was a very hard man, and he was not very nice to Minnie. Mrs. Hale talks about how beautiful Minnie used to be and how she used to sing in the choir. Minnie also did not have any children, so this shows us just how lonely she must have been. The woman realize why Minnie killed her husband when they find the bird cage, and the dead bird in the box. Mrs. Peters’ words show the pity she feels for Minnie “Somebody -- wrung-- its-- neck” (Page 904). This is when the women realize why Minnie must have killed her husband. Her bird was all that she had, and she loved it like a child. Also, John was murdered the same way that the bird was killed. This shows us that Minnie was
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