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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks 1 Title of Work: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks 2 Author and Date Written: Rebecca Skloot. The novel was published in 2010, but written in the 1990s and 2000s. The time period was in a more modern time of technology and medicine, where more and more cures to previously incurable diseases were being discovered. This time frame affects the novel because Skloot learned about the impact Henrietta’s cells had made years after her death and buzz over the woman behind the cells. Since modern medicine had been so well developed by Skloot’s time in college and there was not much racial prejudice in America as before, science books gave the brief mention of Henrietta Lacks to credit for scientific progress. The time period in which the book was written plays a role in understanding how much different it would have been if Henrietta’s cells had been discovered later rather than before. 3 Country of Author: Chicago, United States of America 4 Characters: Henrietta Lacks Henrietta is selfless and thoughtful. Henrietta, through her physical pain of her cervical cancer and emotional pain of leaving her struggling family, throughout her lifetime shows that she put her family before herself. As such an admired mother and person in general, her family and friends attempt to bring Henrietta's legacy to life in appreciation to her. Deborah Lacks Deborah is confused and caring. Deborah is confused because she has all different types of information about her mother thrown at her. A majority of people assumes all she wants is credit when in actuality, she just wants the single, straightforward story of her mother. Rebecca Skloot Rebecca is curious and eager. Skloot is sparked by curiosity by the mere mention of Henrietta's name and how there is little information regarding her importance to the medical field. She

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