All She Has - $150000-Is Going to a University

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All She Has - $150000-Is going to a University This paragraph will show you my opinion about the Bragg’s essay named “All She Has - $150000 – Is going to a University”. At the age of 87 Oseola McCarty, a simple washerwoman who lived in a tiny frame house in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, became a national symbol of selfless giving.She gave away most of her life savings in 1995, $150,000, to endow a scholarship at the University of Southern Mississippi. Through the essay, we can see that she is a very positive person and she is not the type of person who would like to save money as she could for herself. Bill Pace – the executive director of the University of Southern Mississippi Foundation said: “She is the most unselfish individual I have met”. Miss McCarty decided to create a scholarship fund because she regretted that she never went back to school, she always so busy, and she wanted that the children had not had to work like she had done. This reason tell us that McCarty is very kind and empathetic. This essay includes evidence to show that people in the community and throughout the nation are impressed with and supportive of Miss McCarty. Specially, grandmother of Stephanie Bullock, the 18-year-old honors student from Hattiesburg shock her head in wonder “I thought she would be some little old rich lady with a fine car and a fine house and clothes” In short, Miss McCarty is the person that we respect and admire so

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