A Farewell To Arms Quote Analysis

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Personal Response: I was interested in the event of the shooting because it made me think about what was going through Peter’s head while he was shooting. This was the main event in the book and I found it shocking and frightening. The way it was described made me visualise it all happening. Although I did not like the event that was happening I found it very interesting to read about, I liked that the event was told several times by several different characters point of views. A quote that I found shocking and frightening was when Patrick was running through the school and he writes “....a fine grey dust coated the broken bodies that lay twisted on the floor..... He’d see sprays of blood, and students crumbled on the ground” I found this quote quite disturbing. The quote that made me really visualise what was happening was when Patrick was just about to find Peter and he is in the gymnasium “He swept into the open double doors of the gymnasium and scanned the handful of sprawled bodies....Two bodies lay unmoving at one end of the locker room”…show more content…
I think Josie is a girl who straddles the social strata between the “cool” kid and the “outcasts. In her chapters in the book Josie says how she feels empty and fake, I can relate to this because it is something that often happens in modern day schools. I think that Josie feels guilty about shooting Matt but at the same time I feel that if she were in the same situation again she would do the same thing. She is a very caring character which makes her likable and she also seems, in a way, broken. This makes me sympathise with

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