The Great Gatsby Quotes And Analysis Essay

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Breanna Styles He Longed He Loved He Lost Soldiers Not good enough Younger crowds Not her cup of tea Light as air Lovely with bright things in it, bright eyes, Passionate mouth, ecstatic smile Lavender hat Two minutes to four Thin drops swarm like dew The ripple of her voice Hands plunged like weights, water glaring in my eyes His head rested back Awfully glad We’ve met before A terrible mistake Don’t be rude Tears of joy Sunshine in the room Beautiful shirts Can’t repeat the past Of course you can I’m going to fix everything Just the way it was before. The light of his love begins to fade His temper cracked a little An Oxford man Like hell he is She never loved you, Not good enough That’s…show more content…
The first stanza of the poem talks about Daisy not wanting Gatsby because he is going into the military and that she likes older men like Tom. The second stanza is talking about Gatsby's love for Daisy and the fact that he is still obsessed with her. The third and fourth paragraph relate to the reunion between Gatsby and Daisy and how awkward it is. The fifth and sixth paragraph talk about the romance building between the two. In the last two stanzas things take a turn for the worst. Daisy no longer has interest in Gatsby because he has become unsafe and demanding. The theme of my poem is love, focusing on Daisy and Gatsby. Love can be described as a strong feeling of affection and concern toward another person, but that’s not the case in the Great Gatsby. Relationships in Great Gatsby are not “loving”and tend to be more motivated by money than true love. Gatsby does love Daisy, but is in love with his dream version of Daisy from the first time they met. Daisy does not love Gatsby, but loves the material wealth that he provides. I chose to write my poem about love because in the novel love is always in the air and is very

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