Paint Your Wagon

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• Both Pant Your Wagon and the documentary Gold Rush talked about the men in the gold rush missing the women they left when they headed out west. • In both movies they address that there were no “hometown eyes” watching meaning that the men felt free to do and be whatever they wanted because no one at home was the wiser. • In Paint Your Wagon they jokingly talk about the scarcity of women by putting up a sign “Population: Male” and in Gold Rush they talked about how the men would talk about seeing only one woman in months or years. • In Gold Rush they stressed that food was very scarce and as a result expensive and Paint Your Wagon did not really convey this. • In Gold Rush a miner’s day was spent panning and mining for gold for up to 10 hours and in Paint Your Wagon the miners have much more free time. • In Paint Your wagon and Gold Rush they discussed that although California was becoming part of the union, during the gold rush each mining towns ran themselves with their own system of rules and regulations. • Gold Rush mentioned that men wanted women not just for sex but for cooking and cleaning as well and in Paint Your Wagon Elizabeth is a good example of how true this was. • In both movies they showed that there was a lot of racial diversity in California during the gold rush. • In Gold Rush a woman talked about how a Chinese family bought a little shack for twenty-five dollars, rip the floor boards out, and found over three-hundred dollars of gold dust that fell through the floor. In Paint Your wagon they get a similar idea to collect the gold dust that fell under the saloon floors by digging tunnels under the floors. • Both movies showed that understanding the importance of supply and demand was significant to making money in the gold rush. • In both movies they showed that as the gold got scarcer, men would join together in groups or

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