Chapter Notes On Mark Twain's 'Gilded Age'

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The Gilded Age • “Gilded Age” by Mark Twain • New technology • Breaker boys: sat in coal refineries and picked out impurities in the coal • Corruption of every political office • Boss Tweed: one of the most corrupt figures of this time • Income disparity – extremely wealthy and extremely poor people • People are getting into debt • Government only cares about their own agendas • Social issues: immigration, international interventions, and new technology • Rise of industries leads to urbanization: the transition from rural to urban living to take advantage of new technology 80% in farms to 80% in cities • Rush of people to cities fills jobs but creates social problem: living conditions near all time low for most • Immigration to…show more content…
Robber Barons • gave birth to monopolies: something has the corner of the market ex: apple, starbucks, walmart • John D. Rockefeller: oil, got gas up to 12 cents a gallon during his time, so successful that he is still regarded as most wealthy American every, taking inflation into account, owned every facet of the oil industry • Vanderbilt: railroads • Andrew Carnegie: 1st American billionaire • JP Morgan: • Two viewpoints: captains of industry or robber barons • Robber barons: would over tax / steal money from anyone living on their land • One huge belief during this time: Social Darwinism: the strong survive • Vertical Integration: owning different points on the same production path all in one place. 1st to do this: Andrew

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