To What Extent Do Pressure Groups Strengthen the Pluralist Democracy?

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Explain why the Democratic Party was overshadowed by the Republican Party between 1896-1912. The Democratic Party was overshadowed by the Republican between 1896 and 1912 because the Republicans had big financial support and clever tactics. Mark Hanna, known as ‘Bush’s Brain’, was an inventive politician who used negative tactics and his wealth (that he funded himself – over $100,000) to fund the Republic campaign and to cause a split between the Democratic Party. With his large donation of money, the Republicans outspent the Democrats by 10-1 ensuring McKinley’s victory against William J Bryan (Democrat). Hanna played a major role in the development of the big businesses in American politics which led to a solid platform of Republican success. He helped build the career of William McKinley, first by starting as a governor and then a presidential candidate. One way he did this was by employing 1400 Republican campaign workers to send out letters to voters. He was the starting point for the political victory of McKinley in the 1896 Elections due to his high political aspirations and ideas. One of the main reasons why the Republicans overshadowed the Democrats was due to the financial support of big businesses. A major political figure of the Republicans, Mark Hanna, raised $16 million from big business’ to fund McKinley’s presidential campaign in 1896. An example of him raising money was when he raised $250,000 from Rockefeller, the founder of Standard Oil. From having this major financial aid, the Republicans were able to outspend the Democrats by 10:1 in the run up to the 1896 Presidential election on key factors such as advertising. Randolph Hearst was an American newspaper publisher who built the nation’s largest newspaper chain. He was elected twice into the House of Representatives as a Democrat. The New York World and New York Journal were the
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