Fast Food Nation

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AP English Language and Composition Summer Reading Fast Food Nation Guided Reading Questions Directions: While or after reading each chapter of Fast Food Nation, write a minimum of three sentences answering each question. You must answer the question using information from the book. Type the answers to all of the question directly into this document in a different (readable) font and submit to (only, no hard copy needed) by the due dates. Part 1: Introduction and Chapters 1-5 due Friday, 09/14. Introduction 1. How does the fast food industry embody the best and worst of American capitalism? The fast food industry gave people like Carl Karcher the opportunity to work hard and strike it rich, and make it on their own. However, it also led to the creation of huge conglomerations that peddle unhealthy food and pay low wages. The large companies created outweighed the benefits brought to the working people of America at the time. 2. What political and social factors enabled the fast food industry to prosper during the past thirty years? One political factor enabling the fast food industry to proseper was the economic transformation of World War 2. Manufacturing was at an all time high, and people had a lot of money to invest and spend. A social factor was the rise of the family unit and the need for restaurants that were family friendly. 3. How is the 'American world view' embodied in the fast food industry? The “American world view” is embodied as the fast food industry is probably one of the greatest examples of capitalism, which is what America is most known for. It symbolizes the opportunity that people get to work their way up the economic ladder and strike it rich. It also defines the type of food that is considered “American” to the entire world. Chapter 1: The Founding Fathers (Histories of numerous fast food
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