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The Positive Effects of Westward Expansion There were many changes in the United States during Westward Expansion. Though many changes were negative, the positive things outweighed the bad things. Without Westward Expansion the US would never be the strong, independent nation it is now and we gained almost one third of the land that we own now. Also, another positive effect on the United States was the California Gold Rush, which brought diversity to our country and created jobs. After all of the bad things that our country went through, we came out as a stronger nation. A positive effect of westward expansion was the land we gained. One third of the land that is owned by the United States today was gained during Westward Expansion. The US gained at least part of 10 states from Mexico to expand and settle. This had a negative effect also. We gained a great deal of that land from the Mexican-American. The war caused many deaths, but the result of it helped our country greatly. With out those states, the United States wouldn’t have as much as an economy. One positive thing that happened because of Westward Expansion was the Oregon Trail. The Oregon Trail was the best way to get across the mountains to the…show more content…
It brought a lot of jobs to the west and also brought immigrants. When the gold rush first started people flocked to California to get a part in the rush. The strongest men from every city left their homes to find wealth. The people who made it to California first found plentiful gold, but it was hard work, and there were many people trying to get the gold. Immigrants form all over the world came to find instant wealth, so during the rush California became the most diverse state in the country. After the initial rush it only took two or three years or the gold to run out, but many people stayed anyways. The state was also admitted into the Union as a free state, which helped abolish

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