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Iron Road Iron Road is a 2009 Canadian and Chinese movie writers are Barry Pearson and Raymond Storey and directed by David Wu. A lady name Anne Tait is a Toronto-based producer, writer, director, broadcaster, and casting director. The characters in iron road are Little Tiger (Sun Li), Relic (Peter o’ Toole), Nichol (Sam Neil), and James (Luke Macfarlane), The Bookman (Tony Leung Ka Fai), Edgar (Kenneth Mitchell), Wang Ma (Gao Yun Xiang). "The plot is about a Chinese girl called Little Tiger. Little Tiger sounds like a boy's name because she dresses as a boy to survive in an alpha male society and then she decides to travel and work on building the railroad for $1 a day. But mostly, she just wants to find her lost father who everybody believes to be dead." Iron Road has few examples in costumes, music, sound, and lightning. The sound volume went up when the scene moved to china got louder. For example sound like explosives and iron, rock, and wood. Music is when they shot it in China is New Year music. For example music likes Chinese New Year song. The costumes for Chinese wearing are poor clothes and Canadian wear rich clothes. For example Little Tiger wearing poor people clothes and James wearing rich clothes. The lightning is Chinese used lanterns and Canadian used candle. For example a Chinese lantern is red light but Canadian candle is yellow light. Iron Road is the story of the hard-won triumph of a Chinese street urchin (one who is poorly or raggedly dressed) named Little Tiger, whose quest for her long-lost father takes her from a fireworks factory in China to a remote construction camp in the Rockies. She falls in love, survives prejudice and trust. The son of a railroad tycoon has to go to China get the two thousand Chinese work. In a fight with a Chinese gang lord, Little Tiger saves James's life. James is

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