Indian Conflict Essay

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1. How did western settlement, particularly in terms of railroad expansion and farming, lead to inevitable conflicts with the Native Americans? Highlight at least one engagement in your answer. It lead to conflicts because they would run their railroads and settlements right through the Indian settlements. They would kick the Indian out of their land and take it for their own, The United States quickly became one of the twentieth century’s most powerful nations after settling more than three million square miles of rich, diverse land. But despite all the riches it came at a great cost and destruction to the American Indians. The warfare between the US and the Indians began as early as 1809 and lasted until 1890, to which the Indians losing and being forced to live on reservations. Despite military involvement in early wars with the Indians, the final conquest was the white settlers wrestling land from them. One conflict was the gold rush of 1849, where some gold was found in what is now California, and millions of settlers went west to get rich on gold, and in the process fought with the Spanish who lived out there, and then killed many Indians who also settled in that land. After California was bleed dry, the settlers thought maybe the neighboring states would have gold, which lead to another gold rush in Colorado in 1850, Idaho and Montana in the 1860, and Arizona and Nevada during the 1870's. Even though gold really wasn't found in those states other minerals where found like silver in those states, which made the West one of the worlds largest reservoirs of precious metals. Plus the Indians where pushed aside for the railroad expansions, the railroads where away to expand west and do it quickly, as opposed to traveling by horse and wagon, or by walking even in some cases. In most cases, the people who traveled West for precious metals would usually travel back
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