Grapes of Wrath: Crtique by Louis Owens

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Louis Owens critiques The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck very well in his article. The title, Trouble in the Promise Land, exposes what the main portion of the novel represents. I agree with Owens that the migrants destroyed the Earth and the so called Promised Land myth was also torn apart, but others may believe that the migrants found the Eden that they did not harm the ground. “But you’ll kill the land with cotton.” And the owners reply: “We know. We’ve got to take cotton quick before the land dies. Then we’ll sell the land. Lots of families in the East would like to own a piece of land.” (Steinbeck, 33) This quote proves that the Joads and other families abused the land. They do not care because the said other families from the east will come and buy the land. “Grandpa killed Indians, Pa killed snakes for the land.” (34) Another Quote that proves Americans acquired the land and did not respect it. All the Americans affected by the Dust Bowl leaved their homes to go west to the Promised Land. “The settlement of America may be seen as a process of ever westward expansion in search of the Eden which seemed to recede.” (Owens, 47) Even at the beginning of America people looked westward. “And the beauty and fecundity of California seemed to fulfill that promise.” (48) Once everyone reached California and realized that it was not what it was supposed to be they were devastated. People started to sin much more and corruption arose. The Promised Land was decimated. Louis Owens sums up The Grapes Wrath to its full meaning. He provided the information that proved the Americans of the time were not the victims but they were the immoral. The migrants destroyed the Earth and the so called Promised Land myth was also torn
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