Over Paid Athletes

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to make millions of dollars by playing one game or tournament? Well famous athletes feel they do. Many people feel that professional athletes are extremely overpaid. People feel professional athletes are getting to much money in a society where incomes are traditionally based on the value of one's work. Average Americans work standard hours and get paid a dismal amount compared to an athlete. These athletes are able to obtain the income because many people are fascinated with them, and watch their games or tournaments. Multiple things factor into comparing the salary of ordinary people and professional athletes and why athletes are overpaid. Including their salary range, their work schedule, and the education they have completed. The income of famous athletes varies from athlete to athlete depending on salary as well as endorsements they may have. According to Forbes list The World’s Highest Paid Athletes (June 2013) the highest paid athlete is Tiger Woods with pay of $78.1 million in total that being a salary of $13.1 million and $65 million in endorsement deals. Comparing this to the average salary of an American which is estimated at $51,371 according to 2012 census ACS survey (US Household Income). The difference in pay is remarkably less by the millions. This differential leads to people feeling that athletes get over paid. One of the more important jobs is a teacher. A teacher’s job is to educate the next generation, which is big factor in the future economy. Although it is a vital occupation teachers are paid enormously less then professional athletes. Take the occupation of a soldier their job is to protect or nation. Having this occupation may sometimes require them to leave their home and family to go fight in war. They do not even make a fraction compared to a professional athlete or get the fame and respect they deserve as an

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