Otis Elevator: Accelerating Business Transformation with It Essay

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Business Context Elisha Graves Otis founded the company when he first founded the ‘Safety brake elevator’ in 1853. From then the company’s main focus was to design and manufacture the safety systems according to the customers need. The Otis Elevator Company became a subsidiary of United Technologies (UTC). It is one of the largest manufacturing industries in the world. It not only manufactures but also installs the equipment in the respective customer desired locations. It then continues its relationship with the customers by providing timely service facilities. It was soon recognized as a leader in service excellence among all the companies. The main competitors included multinational companies such as Hitachi, Kinetek, KONE, etc. Otis grew aggressively by acquiring elevator business in China. By 2004, the company had 1.5 million elevators and 100,000 escalators operating in the world. Its revenues increased by $6 billion. The company was a huge success. Initiatives taken to improvise 1. OTISLINE customer service center During any service emergency, the service panel was dispatched from the local offices that caused huge delay time and hence decreasing customer satisfaction. The OTISLINE customer service center was created to dispatch service mechanics on immediate requests. The main aim was to implement 24x7 concept. This initiative also allowed Otis to produce ‘excess’ callback reports for various levels of management. The managers had the information they needed to manage services business operations relatively easier. This concept changed the expectancy within the customers and hence decreased the cancellation rate. 2. E*Logistics This major initiative was taken to basically to improve the information flow within the company. This was a huge success as it bridged the gap between the all the teams including sales, factory and field operations.

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