Jgt2 Task 1

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A. How to improve current workflow in the plant. In order to improve the workflow in the plant, Shuzworld will have to improve the layout of their facility in order to create their product in a cost efficient and productive manner. This will enable Shuzworld to increase productivity, while ensuring the quality that consumers have grown to be accustomed to. Shuzworld will be able to accomplish this by equalizing the task times at the company’s work stations in order to ensure that employee time is maximized to its full potential. This can be accomplished by organizing employees into work cells that focus primarily on the product they are working on. By focusing on the product within the work cell, the company will be able to make better use of the production floor, as well as reduce the amount of direct labor required while increasing the sense of participation by employees. This will translate into higher rates of productivity on the assembly lines. One way to improve the work area for the employees is to create work cells that enable employees to communicate with each other in a simpler fashion, as well as have employees cross trained so that they can intervene and assist when necessary. Instead of having a traditional assembly line, the assembly line should be made into a U shape. The U shaped assembly line will reduce the amount of employee movement, and make it easier for employees to communicate amongst themselves during the construction process (MyOMLabs, 2012). It will also make it easier for employees to assist other employees because it will provide them with more space to maneuver, and make it easier for them to communicate with each other when assistance is needed. A1 Quantitative Analysis In order to determine how to staff and balance the work cells, Shuzworld will first have to determine the Takt time. Shuzworld is budgeted for, and requires that 48

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