Choka Enterprise Inc and Its Reward System

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A reward system basically deals with the allocation of compensation and benefits to employees that follow the standards, rules and procedures established. The major goal of an organizations reward system is to keep its employees motivated so that they continually perform better at their jobs. CHOKA Enterprise Inc a marketing and distribution company stands out among other distributors for their quality of products and reliable delivery times. CHOKA has been able to secure a major contract to supply a major chain in Europe, Marks and Spencers. As the Marketing manager expected to develop a reward system, the following proposal will highlight a system that will enable greater reliability with respect to response time and assure quality and compliance with HACCP requirements. CHOKA Enterprise Inc must consider the following factors in the design of such a reward system to ensure its success i.e. to ensure that the programme is beneficial to both the employees and the supplier company. These factors include: * The use and implementation of their two critical factors which they have already established that is quality of products and reliability in delivery times. The company must ensure that any new plan they develop must be established with these two critical success factors. * The physiological and psychological needs and desires of employees must be met and maintained to keep them motivated. CHOKA must therefore keep its employees needs and desires in mind when designing a reward system. * CHOKA enterprises must ensure that the new reward system is well communicated to the employees, mainly so they know which results are expected from them to receive the reward in the future. * The company should be able to identify the desired performance behaviors they are seeking that will reinforce the company’s goal and also the approach that would be taken
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