Hrm/531 Operational Plan

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Operational Plan Version 100.01 Date Produced: 19 / 07 / 2015 1. Table of Contents: Executive Summary Departmental Overview Vision Statement Mission Statement 2. Executive Summary The Domestic Appliances department is made up of 2 departments; one manufactures kitchen appliances, and the other, personal appliances. The plan for the future is to develop a new department that operates in liaison with Kitchen Appliances. The general manager decided to submit a proposal along with his Operational Plan, to establish and develop an extra department which will manufacture customised kitchen cupboards on a JIT manufacturing philosophy. It was a calculated initiative; based on past and current performance…show more content…
Business Strategies Finding a Niche and fill it: A manufacturing company is an operation that produces product to meet customer demand. A successful manufacturing company feels a niche by choosing to make products that they can offer for a better price than its competitors or items that provide a superior experience for the customer. Build Competent Staff: A successful manufacturing company must have a trained and competent staff that understands the fundamentals of manufacturing in general as well as the particulars of manufacturing the particular company`s products. Your staff must understand how to prioritize manufacturing tasks by understanding which orders are most urgent, and which processes must be completed before others can begin. Staff members must be able to troubleshoot equipment, keep materials in stock and deal with idiosyncrasies such as the quirks of different machines and materials. Develop Efficient Processes: The more efficient your manufacturing processes, the more products you will able to produce and the better you will able to meet customer demand. Efficiency also involves the capacity to work carefully and pay attention to details to avoid costly…show more content…
Our overall goal will be to pay close attention to details gathered regarding other vendors, and how they interact with the clients, constantly fine tuning our transaction process until it is almost effort less for the clients to do business with

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